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water going into storm drain
Contact Info:

Office Hours: Monday – Friday
8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Eric Westfall, PE: Stormwater Management Officer | ext. 14 | (518) 491-6824, (cell)
Kelley Caiazza, Secretary | ext. 16

2 Douglas Street, Wynantskill, New York  12198



Duties of the Stormwater Department

The duties of the Stormwater Department shall include the promotion and enforcement the Town’s Stormwater Management Program Plan (SWMP or Plan).  The Town’s SWMP is based on NYS SPDES General Permit GP 0-15-003, which requires MS4 owners and operators to develop a Stormwater Management Program Plan to address sources of potential stormwater pollution from residential and municipal activities as well as municipal facilities. There are six program elements associated with the General Permit that are designed to reduce the discharge of pollutants to the maximum extent practicable through the implementation of Best Management Practices (BMPs). These program elements, titled Minimum Control Measures (MCMs), are as follows:

  • MCM l: Public Education and Outreach
  • MCM 2: Public Involvement / Participation
  • MCM 3: Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination
  • MCM 4: Construction Site Runoff Control
  • MCM 5: Post-Construction Stormwater Management
  • MCM 6: Pollution Prevention/Good Housekeeping for Municipal Operations

The MCMs are discussed in greater detail within the SWMP, a copy of which is included in the Plans and Reports section below.

Stormwater Concerns and Potential Violation Investigation

Anyone wishing to report a potential Stormwater Violation or Concern to the Town for further investigation may do so by emailing or calling the Stormwater Management Officer at the contacts listed at the top of this page.  The reporting will be treated as confidential while the Town investigates the potential violation. 

Similarly, questions or concerns regarding the Town’s Stormwater Management Program may be addressed to the Stormwater Management Officer.

Annual Reporting Review and Comment

Each year, the Town is required to make several stormwater regulatory submissions. This section will post a link to those documents to allow for public review and comment prior to submission. Any questions, comments or concerns may be sent to the Stormwater Management Officer at Additionally, these items will be briefly discussed during the Town Board and Planning Board meetings in the month prior to submission.

Stormwater Minute

Each month the Stormwater Department will offer a brief tip regarding Stormwater Management Practices that may be considered by residents who are conscious of Stormwater concerns.

October 2021 Stormwater Minute

With some severe storms this summer the Wynantskill Creek has become a focal point within the Town, particularly to the residents who live near or along the creek.  The Town is actively working with DEC to obtain permitting to clear up sections of debris along or within the stream corrider.  The Wynantskill Creek is designated as a B(T) waterbody, indicating that it is a protected trout stream.  Work that disturbs the bed or banks of the stream is carefully controlled through a permitting process administered by DEC.  This process applies to anyone working along the stream, including municipalities, developers, or homeowners.  If you are planning any work along the Wynantskill Creek, or any other waterbody located within the Town, please contact the Town Stormwater Management Officer for assistance and guidance.

August 2021 Stormwater Minute

With the recent storm that caused substantial flooding in our area of Rensselaer County, many people have asked what can be done to minimize the potential adverse impacts of future storm events.  The Town is in the process of establishing a Stormwater Community Group to discuss not only the larger-scope, longer-term steps that might be taken to minimize stormwater impacts, but also the means and methods that residents, businesses and developers can employ to help manage stormwater on an individualized level.  The intent here is to establish a forum for discussion with community volunteers providing input and ideas that can be distributed to interested individuals, with the forum being live-streamed for those who are interested in listening to the discussion.  Anyone wanting to get involved in the Stormwater Community Group should contact the Stormwater Management Officer at

July 2021 Stormwater Minute

With summer in full swing many people turn to our local lakes and streams for recreation.  Please be mindful of your impacts on our waters and follow the old adage of: “If you pack it in, pack it out.”  In addition to litter, food waste and other debris, it is important to remember that gasoline, oil and other chemicals associated with boat motors can easily find their way into our waters.  All of these items can have a substantial negative impact on water quality.  Finally, please inspection you boat, motor, and trailer regularly for signs of Milfoil and follow the guidelines in the DEC link below for reducing the potential for Milfoil contamination, particularly in the Snyder’s Lake watershed.

Protect Your Waters from Aquatic Invasive Species – NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation

June 2021 Stormwater Minute

There are approximately 65 Post-Construction Stormwater Management Practices located throughout the Town.  Some of these Practices are privately owned and maintained, and some are owned and maintained by the Town.  All are crucial in managing stormwater events and protecting the Town’s waters.  It is important for everyone who lives and works within the Town to understand that these areas, which consist of ponds, vegetated swales, bioretention basins, and other similar structures, are vitally important in maintaining water quality and that each of these systems has been designed to serve a specific purpose.  Please respect the Town’s Stormwater Management Practices by keeping clear of them and helping to minimize trash and other harmful substances from entering and contaminating these vital stormwater management resources.   

 May 2021 Stormwater Minute

The Town routinely deals with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), the Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE), and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), particularly in relation to wetlands and waterbodies.  Navigating the rules, regulations, permitting process, and other requirements of these agencies can often be a little overwhelming, particularly for individual homeowners.  These organizations can, and do, inspect, cite, and enforce regulatory laws throughout the Town.  If you think that you may be conducting an activity that falls within the jurisdiction of one of these entities, please contact the Stormwater Management Officer at

April 2021 Stormwater Minute

With the nicer weather just around the corner, many of us turn our attention to getting our lawns ready for the upcoming summer.  This often includes the use of fertilizers and weed killers.  Many of these chemicals, if not properly applied, can find their way into local water bodies or the water table.  Remember to read and carefully follow manufacturer’s instructions before using any of these products and to apply them at the minimum possible dosage for your needs.

March 2021 Stormwater Minute

As the snow continues to melt away, trash and other items of debris that were previously buried or frozen are now free to be moved about by wind and water.  Many of these find their way into our local drainage systems and waterbodies.  Residents are encouraged to take a few minutes to gather up and properly dispose of such items to keep them from polluting our local waters.

February 2021 Stormwater Minute

With recent storms, the management of snowfall can sometimes be a challenge.  When stockpiling snow, either residentially or for a business, consider locations that allow snow melt to slowly work its way into the water table through infiltration or other stormwater management practices that slow the flow and allow for the settling of pollutants.  In cases where the flow must enter a stormwater system, make sure that basins, culverts, and other drainage structures are not impeded by debris, trash or other pollutants so that they can function as designed.

January 2021 Stormwater Minute

Frozen ground prevents the infiltration of stormwater and snow-melt.  As a result, rain and melting snow can produce larger overland flows that reach stormwater collection systems and waterbodies, often with increased intensity, volume and energy.  These flows have the potential to carry greater volumes of sediment, debris and contaminants into local water bodies.  At this time of year, good housekeeping practices and the maintenance of stormwater conveyance systems becomes even more important in protecting our local waterbodies.

December 2020 Stormwater Minute

With the winter season approaching, conditions can become icy and treacherous.  At this time of year, many folks use salt and other ice-melt products to treat slippery surfaces.  Minerals and other chemicals from these products often find their way into stormwater collection systems or groundwater.  Please be mindful of what is in the material you are using to treat slippery surfaces as well as its rate of application.

Public Education, Outreach and Involvement Calendar

The following is a tentative list of Stormwater Department events intended to involve and educate the public with regards to various stormwater policies and activities occurring within the Town:

  • June 2021: Town of North Greenbush SWMP Plan:  A brief overview of the new SWMP Plan and the Stormwater goals the Town has established for the coming year.
  • June 2021: Residential Stormwater Best Management Practices:  What can homeowners and businesses do to improve stormwater measures on their property.

Volunteering and Involvement

Interested in getting involved with stormwater management issues in the Town?  Do you have a Best Management Practice or tip for individual stormwater management that you’d like to share?  Is there an activity you would like to see or perhaps a committee you would form regarding stormwater issues?  If so, please feel free to contact the Stormwater Management Officer at

Plans and Reports


Current Town of North Greenbush SWMP 

MS4 Annual Reports


The following links may be helpful if you would like to do additional research regarding stormwater management regulations, programs and issues: